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Fine Dining
fine Dining
A truly royal affair, the Indian cuisine at Ice N Spice is reminiscent of the food.. wait till you are served authentic Indian cuisine. Cuisine which can be easily coined as Ambrosia - the food of the Gods. Each delicacy has an intricate tale of spices and their varied infusions. The cuisine offers elaborate culinary treats with diverse flavors. A wide variety of select cocktails and evocative wines top the list of an extensive menu. You'll get used to the great service, the fresh food, the hunt for the new and unusual to tempt your plate, and the thrill of wonderfully new taste sensations. Come along with us and share the dining experience.
Lounge Bar
fine Dining
With a colorful and quirky atmosphere, Ice N Spice entices guests to have fun and a exciting time while enjoying great food and drinks. Currently one of "THE" places to be in, and to be seen in. Every night clubs ambiance is defined by the crowd it attracts. And this place gets the best of it. With DJ being the turntable it could'nt get better at anyother place. The music system is one of the best in Navi Mumbai. With a dance floor bigger than most clubs today this place packs huge crowds. The latest chartbusters and dance floor to bust a move on have made Ice N Spice not just a nightspot, but a hotspot too! A premium night club, Ice N Spice plays great music for the party animals who want to dance away the night. If you want to party hard, Ice N Spice is the place to be. So go on a roll with dance frenzy!    More...